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May 04, 2020
an hour is also at home individually, but the goal we have is meditation, and when calling a stretch 100 dollars an hour is also a house from I do an osteopath every week 55 dollars, well, it is clear what else the payments from the whale's insurance they are appearing and how to go to the doctor, but that is what I did and she was not hospitalized regularly I sent an approximate calculation of how to become a childbirth approximately it will be 5 thousand dollars this is what I will have to pay allocate that if the delivery is without the intervention of the hospital there and there is no insurance, 76 thousand dollars and depending on the degree of intervention the price can go up to 200 thousand dollars and more it is only tin, I am very glad that it is like they took out the insurance, everything seems to be fine with me, because inside and they gave you surprises with the insurance, it is even less, so yes, count all this by getting healthy for a round sum, but the question is, so to speak, where do you live and d where are my expenses not necessarily that all people have what kind of expenses and so on guys thanks for watching do i open it all the way in the voting comments to shoot more on the iphone or do i go back to the camera on the pantry and in general I buy a new comment on the phone registrar?
Please also shoot for you and you can see the quality later, and if you are not signed pass subscribe and see you very soon new videos bye

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